Its good to remember that woodworking is fun and relaxing.You have found my little haven on the internet.  I have a great passion for woodworking and this website is meant to showcase that interest and inspirations in woodworking.  My training for working with wood began with my father, who refinished antiques, and I learned by watching him.  The remainder was learned through self-teaching – trying to figure out ways to solve problems, reading, and watching instructional videos (YouTube has many talented teachers).  A lot of the projects on which I work are Church related because that is another major interest of mine.  I can’t say that I have a particular style, though some of my more recent projects have had Asian influences, as well as, Arts and Crafts, and Greene and Greene.  I hope to post many of my past, present, and future projects here.  I hope you enjoy and God bless.

– Fr. Thomas

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