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Bartsch, Carl.  Basic Home Carpentry.  New York: William H. Wise and Company, 1952.

Brown, Sam, ed. Practical Finishing Methods: A Complete Handbook Covering Finishing Methods in the Home Workshop. 7th edition.  Pittsburgh: Rockwell Manufacturing Company, 1940.

Fairer, John.  Industrial Arts: Woodworking.  2nd edition. Peoria, IL: Chas. A. Bennett, 1965.

Park, Joseph C.  Educational Woodworking for Home and School.  New York: The Macmillan Company, 1908.

Rush, Herman and Claud Conway. Shop Work: Joinery, Cabinet-Making, Carpentry.  Indianapolis: Industrial Book & Equipment Company, 1918.

Sunset.  Furniture You Can Make.  A Sunset Book, 117.  Menlo Park, CA: Lane Book Company, 1975.

Ulrich, Roger.  Roman Woodworking.  New Haven: Yale University Press, 2007.

Woodwork. Merit Badge Series, no. 3316.  North Brunswick, NJ: Boy Scouts of America, 1971.

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