Christmas Giveaway!!!!

It‘s the Christmas Season, I saw that I am close to 8,000 subscribers (officially 7,842 as of Dec. 23rd at 10:25pm), and I am in the giving mood!  And what do I have to give away … well I have been collecting some vintage woodworking books and my mother always taught me to share.  So I’m …read in detail

Happy Paper Anniversary! Paper, Really?!?

On the first day of the month of November, in the year of Our Lord, two thousand and thirteen at 1:01pm, central daylight savings time, the first ever MonkWerks video was uploaded to YouTube – and he is still as melodramatic as ever.  So Happy Anniversary!  If you will indulge me for a minute – …read in detail

Just When I Thought It Wouldn’t Happen to Me …

Lets make one thing clear: I was certainly not expecting to be writing this blog entry this week.  I had a lovely little piece on some preliminary reports that showed the shavings (only garnered from boards planed with a #365 Stanley Jointer plane) from 3000 year old, spalted, birdseye, curly, Spanish, aromatic bubinga cured CANCER.  …read in detail