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Thank YouMy Get Woodworking Week 2014 video garnered a lot of positive response.  And it is looking to be one of my more popular posts to-date, garnering nearly 100 new YouTube subscribers in just 3 days!  THANK YOU!  It was aided by Tom Iovino’s link on his Tuesday post for Get Woodworking, as well as the project being a part of the Daily Top 3 over at lumberjocks.com.  (It actually peaked at #2!)  People say it a lot, but the online woodworking community is made up of a lot of good people.  People who are passionate about woodworking and are interested in helping others learn about it, even if its to say take a look at what so-and-so (or MonkWerks!!!) is doing.

In the original video, I said that I planned to show how to build a more modern-style clamp, which allows for the screws to pivot.  This post is to demonstrate how to do it.  The basic design of the JAWS are the same but with a slightly greater angle on the front.No! Not those Jaws!  So if you are interested in building this handscrew clamp, you’ll need some 1/2″ round rod, tap and die for both left-handed and right-handed 1/2″-13 threads.  Most of the tap and die sets that you buy will come with the right-handed one, but I had to special order the left-handed.  (♫Its a right world after all, its a right world after all, its a right, right world♫).  If you are interested, I purchased mine from Victor Machinery. I used a 3/4 dowel rod for the barrel nut because the local hardware store didn’t have 3/4″ round rod, I may need to replace the nut with metal if it isn’t strong enough.  Otherwise the process is fairly similar.

You can click on the link below for plans to construct the jaws and handles.

Plans: Wooden Handscrew Clamp


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  1. Hello:
    I had to respond after watching the video on making the modern style handscrew clamp. Nice job, it turned out really well but I was horrified to see that bar code tag on the end of the 1/2″ rod. 🙂 That means you paid too much. Next time you need any metal for fabrication make the trek on into St. Cloud, over to North Lincoln Avenue and go to Midway Iron. They have everything you could want or need for any kind of metal fabrication. They have a nice, clean, new facility on the west side of the street. Go in the office/showroom, tell the guys what you need and they will have it cut and ready to go in minutes. I’ve been buying there for years. You can still bring your scrap metal and aluminum cans to the old facility on the east side of the street. I always have to make a trek through the bargain lot on the south end of the yard just to make sure there isn’t something there that I didn’t know that I needed!

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