#3 Error Free Butt Joint

If you have ever installed a face frame or put together a butt joint, only to have it all ruined when your screw or nail blew out the side of your board this video is for you. I have a quick tip on how to prevent screws and nails from going out the side of your project and always staying right down the center of your board. (A Non Earth Shattering Tip – N.E.S.T.)



  1. Just watched the #3 N.E.S.T. video and caught something about it. I don’t remember who it was recently did a video on just that subject and added one other key point. Brad nails and pin nails are all made the same way, aligned in a strip and ground to a point along the center axis and tend to bend to the side especially if they hit a knot or foreign object in the wood and can blow out the side of the piece. The preventive fix for it is to always shoot the nail in perpendicular to the side piece that way when the nail bends it will always stay in the wood not come out the side. I remember now, it was Colin Knecht at Woodworkweb. I hope I described it well enough to understand.

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