Not only a new video, but a new N.E.S.T. video!

The N.E.S.T. series was conceived in my acronym phase, which the doctor says I will grow out of in a few more years if not later.  But anyway, it stands for Non-Earth Shattering Tips.  They typically come about when I am in the middle of a project and there is a little tip or trick or whatever that I think might be useful for people to know.  Chances are you or someone else already knows about it, so they’re for the 1% percent.  And no, I’m not being political here.  The last time I filmed one was in July 2014, and so my trademark lawyer, he’s not really my lawyer but he does yell at me everyday for taking his parking spot, said that I better move it or lose it.  I took that to mean I better film another one or someone else will steal my sweet idea.

And so without further ado … how about a little table saw love?


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