Just When I Thought It Wouldn’t Happen to Me …

Lets make one thing clear: I was certainly not expecting to be writing this blog entry this week.  I had a lovely little piece on some preliminary reports that showed the shavings (only garnered from boards planed with a #365 Stanley Jointer plane) from 3000 year old, spalted, birdseye, curly, Spanish, aromatic bubinga cured CANCER.  …read in detail

Dear Diary … (A Day in the Life of a Hobby Woodworker)

Dear Diary, This morning I awoke to a beautiful Saturday morning with the birds chirping and the sun shining, and I was reinvigorated and ready to tackle a new woodworking project.  I quickly dressed, had breakfast, and checked out the new woodworking videos on YouTube.  I couldn’t believe my luck.  All my favorite YouTubers had …read in detail