Children’s Analogion

Though I stand at a solid 6′ tall not everyone finds it as easy to reach higher places. I particularly noticed it at my parish church, where the smaller children were not able to reach the icons. To rectify it, I built an icon stand (analogion) that was about half the size of a normal one. This particular stand can be used for other things as well, e.g. lectern or artist’s display, and it can also be scaled up (or down if you wanted something shorter, not sure why). If you like seeing lap joints in action this is the project for you.



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  1. This is really pretty! I love how you joined it together. I made an adult one (‘proskinytarion’ in the Greek tradition) and did it out of 2×2, sanded like crazy and then painted it. I didn’t have a lot of room in my old place to make kerfs, but I really want to try your version now!

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