Turning a Baseball Bat

If you have ever visited a hardwood dealer, you know how expensive wood can be. It is not surprising then that people have been turning to pallet wood and more rustic-style projects. It is in that spirit that Sterling Davis sponsored the Pallet Wood Up-Cycle Challenge, encouraging people to make something out of what is generally free wood. And so here is my contribution, mixing it with one of my favorite things – baseball. Not everything went according to plan with this project, primarily a failed glue-up, but I was able to turn the largest piece I have ever done. If you are interested in making this bat, I used Penn State Industries instructions (sort of, I was mostly interested in the dimensions) for a Rawlings-style 33″ bat, which you can get by clicking here.

Play Ball!


Turning a Baseball Bat
Turning a Baseball Bat

Need a last minute gift for that slugger in your life?

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