My Dirty Little Secret

“For there is nothing hidden that will not become visible, and nothing secret that will not be known and come to light.”

– Luke 8:17

It was bound to happen one TMZ Surprise Photoof these days, but I was finally caught at Harbor Freight.  And so, “My name is Fr. Thomas, and I am an Harbor Freight customer.”  To which we, the minions, were forced to respond, “Hi, Fr. Thomas;” how humiliating.  I did not have a lot to do today except sit around and watch DIY/Maker/Woodworking videos on Youtube.  (Classes do not begin at the university until tomorrow.)  I decided to take a break around lunchtime, and somehow I found myself surfing the Harbor Freight website.  Oh no … Father is about to do an unboxing blog.  That 20%-off coupon is extremely tempting, but I stumbled upon their 99¢ section.  I could not help myself, and I was convinced that I needed a half dozen 2″ c-clamps and a combination sharpening stone.

We aren't quite to Hoarders territory, yet.

And now you see my problem.  I was sucked up into the excitement of it all and left with more than I expected.  It all made sense in my head.  The tape measure was the freebie; I had the coupon.  And then I thought, “If that sharpening stone is a dud, I do not want my good chisels to be ruined.”  No chisels were harmed in the writing of this blog.  We we're told not to make a juvenile joke about size, and so we aren't.The next thing I know, I found myself staring at a 6-set of chisels, which included a size I did not have (1-1/2″).  The $9.99 price tag almost had me walking away, but then I remember that flibberdy-gibbet 20-percent off coupon.  I felt as if my body was possessed, and the wicked woodworking demons put it in my shopping basket.  If worse comes to worse, they can be a set of beater chisels.  Please wait … Rationalization in Process.

I suppose I should not complain too much.  I walked out of there with 14 tools and only spent $16.12.  Just to make the Engineers, Mathematicians, and OCD people upset … that’s $1.14 per tool.  But there I go again, rationalizing it all away.  “My name is Fr. Thomas, and I am an Harbor Freight customer.”  I need help!?!


  1. I got those HF chisels from my wife this past Christmas. After watching Paul Sellers YouTube instruction sharping a chisel I was encouraged.
    He brought a $4 chisel into very good condition.
    Please note my HF chisel set had a very heavy polyurethane costing. I ended up using a paint remover to get the stuff off!
    I proceeded to use the HF diamond honing bock (200, 300, 400 600 grit). It appears the blades may not be at 25 deg. ? I just worked on them for the feel of the angle worked. At 600 grit I get a pretty good dull mirror look. At least the mill marks are gone. My next step is 1000-1200 emery paper and do forth.
    Good luck I think these maybe a gem. Using them will tell the real story.

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