Shop Stool Build-Off

I saw on Chris Wong’s website, Flair Woodworks, an announcement for the Shop Stool Build Off.  And since I don’t currently have a shop stool, I am contemplating doing the build on January 25.  I thought if I do this, I want to set an additional rule for myself:  I will not buy any wood for this project, and so it must all be made from scraps.  The largest scraps I currently have are the plywood leftovers from the Shop Air Cleaner build.   This evening I started messing around with SketchUp and came up with this initial design.  Its looking a little funky to me, but I thought I would sit with it for a few days and see what happens.  The basic dimensions are currently 27″ high, 15″ wide, and 16″ deep.


Update @ 11:40pm

A quick design change to the lower stretchers.


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