Retrofitted Leg Vise

With a little bit of salvaged lumber from the abbey church, a few bits of metal pipe, and some threaded rod, I will show you how to upgrade a 60+ year old bench (or any bench for that matter) to a more fully functional tool by adding a leg vise.




  1. Just this morning I stumbled upon one of your videos on youtube, then your website. I like what you’re doing, keep it up!

    One word of advice, as a professional woodworker of over 20 years, please be careful about your clothing and your bracelet around power tools. I’ve seen more power tool accidents than I ever cared to witness, and as a result, I never allow any of my clothing to exceed my elbows while using power tools. I also make sure they are tight fitting. Best of luck and keep up the great videos!

  2. Nothing; it s superfluous. I don t know if the leg vise is a Roubo thing, but the current bench craze is all fad and fashion, contributing little, if anything, to the quality of the end product.

    1. Considering that I had no ability to clamp anything to my bench, I did find having that ability to be helpful. I don’t use it everyday, but it is nice to have when needed. Your point on a “bench craze” is quite possible though.

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