Yeah, I Went to #WIA2015 … It Was Kinda Cool

What in the tar-nations is going on around here?  Two blogs in one week, not to mention their updates.  If I weren’t the one running this show, I would probably have unsubscribed already.

Now that we have cleared out the riffraff, they know who they are, I just wanted to let everyone know that I made it back safe-and-sound from my Saturday, day trip to Woodworking in America (#WIA15 #WIA2015, that’s the jargon for the hipster crowd).  I was an enjoyable time and worth the couple hour drive from where I live.  Met a lot of great people, talked shopped, drank a few beers, and helped raise some money for the Make-a-Wish Foundation with MakersCare.  I put together a short compilation of the day.  I hope you enjoy the video and may God bless you.



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